Urban Fervor with One Eye Closed





Yesterday I spent the day running around Denver with Timmy O’Neill and a crew from Petzl America to shoot a short film about the new Pixa headlamp. It was creative, fun, and turned into a sixteen hour day romping around downtown. We shot at the steps of the Capital building, alleyways off of Larimer street, the 16th street mall at sunset, and inside the Colorado Convention Center, which officially constitutes the most time I’ve ever spent in Denver. And I have to say, it’s changed my perception of that city a bit.

There is something about seeing a place through the lens, capturing it with my own eye, which somehow adds color and character to the setting. I feel invested in its angles and contrast, and become aware of its dark corners and interesting characters. I experience an enhanced appreciation for anything after I’ve harnessed it for my art. I suppose it is gratitude for participation and the inside joke that only we can share. I love my job.


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