On this auspicious Friday morning I am feeling particularly good. In the last week I’ve had two photos published (seen here), scheduled three shoots for next week (two climbing, one commercial), and get nearer every day to the premiere of my first feature climbing film in two years. I’ve had a couple of setbacks this week which couldn’t help but pervade every corner of my waking hours, but today things are starting to feel different.

My roommate got fired from his job this morning and strolled back into the apartment at 9 am with an ironic smile saying “fi-yerd,” which resonated soundly with my recent experience of rejection. Sometimes a good spurning is the best impetus to finally take control of one’s happiness.

After watching “High Fidelity” last night I’ve had “Walking on Sunshine” stuck in my head all night, and quickly threw it on the new stereo system at full volume, which inspired a rousing AM dance party between me, my newly liberated roommate, and my all time favorite house guest who had stirred from the futon only moments before. Sometimes I get so caught up in being hard on myself that I forget all the things I have to celebrate… so that is the goal for this weekend. That, and a shit load of editing 🙂

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