Smart Went Nuts and Rode a Unicorn Through the Storm

Its on days like today that trying to force any flowerly imagery feels utterly hopeless… I’m worked, but that’s the best time to push yourself and get stronger, training 101. The last three to four weeks, while exhausting, have been more eye-opening and exhilarating than any period of my life since 2009, when things really got cooking for me in this “adventure” world. Its been a perfect blend of climbing, working, loving, traveling and growing. Spiritually, professionally… A shift in perception of whats possible, what I need to succeed, and the environment I need to cultivate in order to maintain the level of enthusiasm, inspiration and psyche that I’m currently feeling. I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival, the first annual trip there of the rest of my life. New friends, tons of ideas, and doors blown open. I got home and found a mountain of work that needed climbing and got to work, putting my head down and blundering forward. It started with a full day of shooting: in the morning, I interviewed the two remaining members of the Shanahan family. The first homesteaders in Boulder, they owned the land that hosts the Flatirons and much more, and are now selling the last vestige of their family’s royal heritage in our evolving town. After running out of gas and siphoning enough fuel from a lawn mower to get myself to Golden, I shot with Brooke Raboutou, an 11 year old girl that climbs 5.14b, for a TV show about kids who crush everything from Tennis to Med School. This was so much fun I couldn’t stop chuckling about the paycheck I was getting from Radical Media out of New York City. And today, finishing this post just in time to welcome Dave Morton and Jake Norton of Eddie Bauer/First Ascent to sit down and map out my next feature film about the first ascent of the West Ridge of Everest. Yadda yadda, green lights, CBS shoots for The Morning Show, more work than I could ever accept, and forward progress on the greatest project of all: staying open to life’s vast potential. And this could only mean one thing: its time to travel. Off to Vegas/Bishop/San Francisco/Florida/Costa Rica???/Michigan/Chile/British Columbia/and on and on and on and on… And now, photos!

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