This year has been one for the books; punctuation on a surreal decade, and I’m poised to enter my thirties with style.     Here’s the tally: Put up my 1st First Ascent (“Lord Jim,” V5 Highball, Zimbabwe) Had my fourth and final hip surgery Appendectomy Surgery Became an Uncle Was a groomsman for one of […]

Q&A with Metanoia Director Jim Aikman in the San Juan Independent

Interviewed by Samantha Wright Entire Article: http://sjindependent.org/report/jeff-lowes-metanoia-wings-its-way-to-telluride/655 Adventure filmmaker and photographer James Aikman of Boulder, Colo. had never met Jeff Lowe before agreeing to direct Metanoia, and was tapped to take the lead on the project only after Self and Lowe saw his film High and Hallowed premier at MountainFilm in 2013. Aikman has created […]

Malama Ka Aina (Care for the Land)

  Last September I returned to the island of Kaui in the Kingdom of Hawai’i, following a trip in 2010 to document the uncovering of a holy site long overgrown and now surrounded by western resorts and developments. Our video work four years ago helped secure funding from the federal and state governments to protect […]

"Jeff Lowe's Metanoia" Production in Full Swing

A story about a climber, cutting his teeth during the developmental stages of the sport, contributing thousands of new, difficult routes to the pantheon of rock, ice and alpine climbing and innovating the equipment and techniques necessary to push the sport into the future, shifting the planet’s perception of what was possible; a story about […]

Flame On

In the beginning of my career in adventure film, there were breakthroughs almost daily – encountering new challenges, learning new techniques, discovering new sources of inspiration, transcending possibilities – because it was all new to me and my experience so limited. It wasn’t that difficult or uncommon to have my mind blown wide open, like […]

I am

Breathing out as much as in, to live in the present until time stops, and then live forever in that eternal cessation. A fleeting bat of the cosmic eye, twinkling in the ether, toppling domino after domino of the mighty collapse.   6/19/13

2013 American Alpine Club Annual Benefit Dinner

After a hurricane of video editing last week and a horrible knot in my back from the gangster lean, I finished a 15 minute cut of my upcoming feature film about the 1963 American Everest expedition and headed off to San Francisco to premiere it in front of four of the surviving members of the […]

The world ended this year, and began again.

This morning I find myself reflecting on the grotesque splendor of 2012. It has sunk so low and soared so high that my perception of existence has shifted, and the potentialities of output and feeling and love have evolved. Its as if the last 12 months occurred only to get me to the place I […]

Smart Went Nuts and Rode a Unicorn Through the Storm

Its on days like today that trying to force any flowerly imagery feels utterly hopeless… I’m worked, but that’s the best time to push yourself and get stronger, training 101. The last three to four weeks, while exhausting, have been more eye-opening and exhilarating than any period of my life since 2009, when things really […]

A Deal with the Devil

Last weekend Rob Frost called and asked if I wanted to head to Devil’s Tower to shoot two 75 year old men, Eric and Jeremy, climbing a summit route. Before he even told me the pay rate I was on board. The last few months have consisted primarily of desk work… the dreary and anaerobic […]