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Director, Cinematographer, Editor


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“Watching Jim in action as a videographer and director was an education in observing both the technical skill and the humanistic investment of soul he brought to this endeavor. I’m still a bit stunned by the depth and breadth of his imagination and creativity. He is a master at climbing into the minds and hearts of those of us at the other end of his lens.”

-Tom Hornbein, Everest Pioneer
(Star of “High and Hallowed,” Co-Directed by Aikman)




Director, DP, Cinematographer, Editor, Color Correction, Story Producer


Production: Sony Fs7, Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 7D, GoPro Hero 4 Black
Full Run of Canon and Sony Lenses
Featherlite Jib, Slider, Fluid Head Tripods, Underwater Housing for DSLRs

Post-Production: Editing suite complete with 3 cinema display monitors, Apple Mac Pro, Studio Monitors, Robust data infrastructure, complete Adobe Creative Suite, Davinci Resolve w/ iPad Control Panel





Jim Aikman is an award winning documentary filmmaker specializing in outdoor adventure and promotional media, with a focus on organic story telling and cutting edge imagery. Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2008 with degrees in Film and English Literature, Jim has been based in Boulder, Colorado, though he recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. His films have taken him from the high mountains of the Himalaya to the bottomless crevasses of Alaska, always with an eye for character development and story. His interests in history and narrative theory have cultivated a style that focuses on substance and growth. As comfortable behind a camera as he is an editing bay or a simple pen and paper, Jim’s thirst for stories is paralleled only by his thirst for adventure. He often collaborates with other leading production companies to create content across genres. Most recently, Jim Directed “Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia” which has enjoyed a successful tour in the global film festival circuit, premiering at Banff and winning awards at prestigious festivals in Europe, Canada, and the USA.



Jim began his career with Boulder, Colorado-based Sender Films, a leading producer of critically acclaimed adventure films, where he learned the ropes of adventure film as a producer, cinematographer and editor on titles such as “The Sharp End” and the six part TV series “First Ascent,” co-produced with National Geographic International.



Jim is an independent Director, camera operator, editor and producer, fluent with Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and owns and operates a wide array of cameras including the Sony FS7, Canon 5D Mark iii, and Canon 7D. He is also trained to operate gimble suspended camera systems in conjunction with RC aircraft.



There is no end to the need for quality video content on the web and the silver screen, so contact Jim today to schedule productions for 2015. Rates vary, please contact for more information.










“Lost Temple of the Inca”

(Premiering 2017)

Director, Camera, Editor

• In the mountains of Peru, an environmental scientist discovers the remnants of a lost temple submerged beneath the headwaters of the Amazon – his findings could save this sacred landscape from mining devastation and change the way he relates to wilderness.


“Alpinists at Large”

(Premiering 2017)

Director, Editor

• A series of short films about classic climbing stories from American climbing lore.


“Uncle Billy”

(Premiering 2016)

Director, Producer, Editor

• A short film about a native Hawaiian waterman staying close to his roots through surfing.


“What the Festival”

(Released 2016)

Director of Photography

• Short promotional story-telling marketing video about the annual What the Festival music festival in Oregon.


“Sand Stand Promotional Video”

(Premiering 2016)

Director of Photography

• Short promotional video for the Sand Stand, a beach table.





“The Guardian”

(Premiering 2020)

Director, Camera, Editor

• Feature documentary about the cultural renaissance in Hawai’i and one man’s fight to save a sacred site that has fallen into ruin.


“Martin’s Boat”

(Premiering Winter 2015)

Editor, Writer

• Documentary about the esoteric culture of Dory boatmen on the Grand Canyon, the legacy left by legendary environmentalist Martin Litton.


“The Man Behind the Mask”

(Premiere at Telluride Mountainfilm, Spring 2015)


• Feature documentary about Mike Libecki’s experience balancing life as a solo climber and a father.


“Fast and Light”

(Premiere at 5 Point Film Festival, Spring 2015)

Director, Camera, Editor

• Short spoof film about the fun and folly of climbing in Yosemite Valley





“Jeff Lowe’s METANOIA”

(Fall 2014 Release)

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Feature film about the life and climbs of Jeff Lowe


“Petzl Technical Institute”

Director, Camera, Editor

• Promotional Video for Petzl’s new facitily, the Petzl Technical Institute


“Ouray Environmental Services

Director, Camera, Editor

• Brand Video for company’s home page


“Legacy Project”

(Ongoing for The American Alpine Club)


• Series of interviews with some of climbing’s greatest characters who are nearing the end of life


“Brooks Range Promotional Content”

Brooks Range

Director, Camera, Editor

• Series of Six Promotional Product Videos





“High and Hallowed: Everest 1963”

(Premiered at Mountainfilm in Telluride, May 2013)

Co-Director, Writer, Editor

• Feature film about the 1963 American Everest Expedition (Sponsored by Eddie Bauer)


“Outside TV Dispatches: Pamela Shanti Pack”

(Circulation on Outside TV)

Writer, Editor, Camera
Directed by Celin Serbo

• Short film about Pamela Pack’s extraordinary climbing feats in the Utah desert


“Petzl Exo”

Director, Camera, Editor

• Short Product Video for Petzl about their EXO Bail-Out device used by Firefighters to quickly escape burning buildings


“The Incan Odyssey”

(Premiered at Ouray Ice Fest, January 2013)

Writer, Editor

• 25 minute short film about a climbing expedition in Peru





“The Kyrgyzstan Project”

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Camera

• Feature Film about an expedition to Kyrgyzstan

Festivals: Banff, Mountainfilm, Boulder Adventure Film, Kendal, Vancouver, X Dance

Awards: Ideal Adventure Award at Boulder Adventure Film


“Happy Tide”

(Circulation in Deadpoint Magazine)

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short Film about Deep Water Soloing in Puerto Rico


“Loved Up: The Shiver Bivy”

(Produced at the Banff Centre)

Director, Producer, Editor

• Short Fiction Comedy about two climbers who get forced into an overnight bivouac and cuddle up for warmth

Festivals: 5 Point Film Festival


“The Forever War”

(Circulation in Deadpoint Magazine)

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short Film about Pamela Shanti Pack climbing one of the world’s hardest Off Width pitches in Vedauwoo, Wyoming


Devil’s Tower

(Circulation on TV in Wales)


• Short Film about two legendary retired climbers from Wales who come to the US to climb Devil’s Tower


“Radical TV: Brooke Raboutou”

DP, Camera

• Short TV dispatch about twelve year old Brook Raboutou climbing extremely difficult sport routes


“Petzl Pixa”

Director, Editor

• Short Product Video about Petzl’s new Pixa headlamp, starring Timmy O’Neil


“Edge TV: McDevitt Taco Supply”

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short News Segment about Boulder’s own McDevitt Taco Supply, slinging tacos on Pearl Street, for local web series Edge TV





“Himalaya Speed”

Camera, Editor
Produced by Sender Films

• Two part series about Ueli Steck’s exploits in the Himalayas

• Involved a 2 month expedition to Nepal

• Produced a five part behind the scenes series



Writer, Editor

• Short Film about an expedition to climb Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world, without supplemental oxygen or Sherpa support


“The Rhino Wars”

Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short documentary about Rhino poaching in Africa


“The Campaign for Climbers” (The American Alpine Club)

Director of Photography, Producer, Writer, Editor

• 5 minute promotional video intended to raise the necessary funds for expansion of the organization



Director of Photography, Writer, Editor

• Series of promotional videos and testimonials regarding Kaneiolouma, a holy site on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, that the natives intend to protect and restore


Langtech Promo

Director of Photography, Writer, Editor

• Series of informative videos and testimonials to promote Langtech, a San Francisco based IT Solutions company


Nokero Light Bulbs Ad

Writer, Editor

Short promotional video for Nokero Light Bulbs shot in Swaziland, Africa


“Agloves Xgames”

Director of Photography, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short promotional video for Agloves’ presence at the 2011 X Games in Aspen, CO





“The Swiss Machine”

Producer, Writer, Editor
Produced by Sender Films

• 20 minute Feature Film about Swiss mountain speed-climber Ueli Steck, produced for the 2010 Reel Rock Film Four


“Epic First”

Director of Photography, Producer, Writer, Editor

• Short Film about a 25 person ascent of the first flatiron in Boulder, Colorado


“Battle in the Bubble”

Director of Photography, Editor
Produced by Sender Films

• LIVE 3 camera broadcast of a National Bouldering Competition at the Boulder Reservoir


“Reel Rock Film Tour 2010”

Producer, Editor

• Produced and Edited three films with Sender Films for the tour
• Produced and Edited festival program


Clif Bar Ad Campaign

Produced by Sender Films

• Three promotional videos regarding the Clif Garmin Transitions Cycling Team

• Three promotional videos regarding Ironman champion Chris Macnamara




“First Ascent: The Series”

Producer, Camera, Writer, Editor, Delivery
Produced by Sender Films

• Six part television series

• Duties included pre-production, shooting, directing, editing, writing, mastering, authoring, and delivery

• Featured locations: Denali National Park, Alaska; Indian Creek, Canyonlands; Zion National Park; Yosemite National Park; Patagonia, Argentina; Switzerland; China

• Co-produced with National Geographic International


“Ego vs Id” @ The Old Main Concert Video

Director of Photography, Producer, Editor

• Concert Video of Ego vs Id at Boulder’s historic Old Main theater




 “The Sharp End”

Post Production
Produced by Sender Films

DVD Authoring, Mastering, Financials, and Distribution




***Independent narrative film work produced at the University of Michigan from 2005 to 2008, as well as Haslett High School from 2002 to 2004.


  • Skysight
  • Sender Films
  • Just Rite Media
  • Vantage Interactive Productions
  • Vantage Marketing Media
  • Rob Frost Media
  • Three Strings Media
  • Chuck Fryberger Films
  • Red Reel Video Media
  • Celin Serbo Photo + Motion
  • Climb.Journey.Live
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