2013 American Alpine Club Annual Benefit Dinner

Tom Hornbein, Yours Truly, and Jim Whittaker

After a hurricane of video editing last week and a horrible knot in my back from the gangster lean, I finished a 15 minute cut of my upcoming feature film about the 1963 American Everest expedition and headed off to San Francisco to premiere it in front of four of the surviving members of the ‘63 expedition and more than 700 American Alpine Club members and donors. Donning my finest (borrowed) duds, I prepared to also be the photographer at the event as part of my ongoing volunteer contributions to the AAC. The event went swimmingly, I shot the hell out of it, met some of my heroes and had some incredible moments and connections with men thrice my age whose experiences and triumphs live infamously in the annuls of mountaineering and the dreaming of my eager heart. The dinner went incredibly, raised a mountain of money, the film was very well received and made Tom Hornbein cry tears of joy – my goal for the evening and the only response that I cared about in that whole room of viewers, who were probably the hardest audience this film will encounter during its entire circulation given their knowledge and intimacy with the material. And then there was the after party and the after-after party, pillow fights, missed flights, and oh yes, oh yes, the Frisco bay.

Such an honor to spend that time with some legends of the craft and share a little in their experience by giving them a memorable and emotional presentation of the history they made 50 years ago…


Back to work.






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